Cover facebook ads for auto dealers

Connect with customers using Facebook ads.

​This bootcamp will show you how. Learn more below or get it now.

Over the past two years, we have been working with auto dealers to launch Facebook ads to conquest new customers, fill service lanes and retain customers. The results? More leads and sales at half the cost of Google ads.

Now, Facebook has launched a host of new options including automotive-specific targeting. It is the perfect time to start using Facebook ads for your dealership. 

"Scott clearly explains how technology works and combines it with the talent of a good comedian making learning effective and funny as heck."
Dan Mauk, President of the North Platte Area Chamber and Development
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This self-led course is for you if:

  • You are an auto dealer interested in using Facebook ads
  • You are looking for new ways to capture leads and retain customers
  • You want to see ROI from social media and connect it with your CRM
  • You need to know useful metrics to ask for from your marketing and sales team
  • You want to train new or existing marketing staff on using Facebook ads

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You want someone to run Facebook ads for you (our Facebook ad service does that:
  • You don't have at least 60 minutes to become a Facebook ads expert
  • You want to market in the exact same way as every other dealer in your sales area
In just two weeks with $50, Facebook ads combined with a buy back email that attracted 25 leads. The leads closed at a 24% rate.
Mike Frame, Crater Lake Ford
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What's included? I'm glad you asked!

This bootcamp can take you from Facebook beginner to advanced marketer or from advanced marketer to true expert in a few short hours. Enjoy:

  • Over 120 minutes of step-by-step video that form the core of the bootcamp. These are the must watch sessions that will cover everything you need to effectively use Facebook ads.
  • Over 30 articles covering niche topics to help you specialize on certain aspects of Facebook ads or to localize Facebook ads for your market.
  • Bonus spreadsheets, videos and examples for Pro Pack purchases to help you get started immediately based on proven Facebook Ads examples
​Along with the videos and articles, the bootcamp shares over 50 essential links that will help you find additional resources to hone your Facebook ad skills.

The best part? It's always fresh.

You have lifetime access to the bootcamp and as Facebook ads change, (which they often do), we will update the lessons.

Meet Scott, He'll Be Your Teacher

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Scott Meyer is the brofounder of 9 Clouds (brother+cofounder), a digital inbound marketing firm that helps auto dealers effectively use the Internet. He'll be your teacher.

Scott has taught and worked around the world with companies as small as local hamburger shops all the way up to the European Union. He has spoken at NADA, Digital Dealer, Driving Sales Canada and shares frequent webinars on automotive marketing.

Best of all, he is energetic and will keep you awake and learning throughout the bootcamp!

Lessons in the Bootcamp

Lesson One: Setting Up Facebook Ads for Business
Facebook Ads are the most cost-effective and measurable way for auto dealers to conquest new customers and connect with current customers. Get started in this lesson.

Lesson Two: Targeting Facebook Ads Demographically
Show the perfect ad to the perfect audience.

In this lesson, learn to find new customers based on the cars they drive as well as other demographic information like their age, gender and interests. We will look at what makes a high-converting Facebook ad and where your ads should send visitors.

​We will even look into how Canadian dealers can use Facebook ads that comply with Canadian law and privacy requirements.

Lesson Three: Targeting Facebook Ads Based on Your CRM Data
Your CRM is the secret to great Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are most successful when you target the ads to specific buyers.

Using email lists and address lists, your ads can show up only to those ready to buy (or people like them). This cuts the cost and increases the conversion of your online ads.

Learn to perform advanced targeting in this lesson along with the best ways to combine your CRM and Facebook ads for the biggest results.

Lesson Four: Connecting Facebook Ads with Your CRM and Sales Team for True ROI
Put a face (and phone) to your Facebook ads.

A Facebook click brings a buyer to your site, but a name and number enables your sales team to actually talk to the buyer. In this lesson, learn how to get more than a visitor using Facebook ads. Connect leads with your CRM and help your sales team follow-up with Facebook leads.

This lesson is great for advanced marketers looking to integrate Facebook ads into their current sales process.

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Go from beginner to expert and expert to master with our Pro and Starter Packs.

Pro Pack $157

  • 4 lessons with 41 sections written in video and text format by Scott and the 9 Clouds team
  • Facebook eBook and free My 9 Clouds membership
  • Loads of bonuses, examples, extras and resources to help you launch your first Facebook ads (example ads, PDFs, and more)
  • Links to download every video lesson for offline viewing (MP4's)
  • Pre-designed Facebook audiences especially for auto dealers that you can steal (Spreadsheets)

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Starter Pack, $99

  • 4 lessons with 41 sections written in video and text format by Scott and the 9 Clouds team
  • Facebook eBook and My 9 Clouds membership for access to all of 9 Clouds digital marketing resource library

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We create work that matters and know that this course will change the way you market. If you are unhappy with your purchase at any time, just let us know and we will refund you. No questions asked.